How To Find Cheap & Reliable Polyester T-Shirt Supplier

If you’re looking to choose a polyester t-shirt supplier then you’ve come to the right place. There is much more to the selection of a supplier than price list. A number of factors contribute to the selection of good suppliers i.e. money, quality, reliability, and service. It’s very rare to find all these characteristics in one, which obviously seems like an ideal situation anyway. Let’s face it; this world is not ideal so we have to think realistically. It depends upon us at the end which factors have more importance according to our business priorities and strategy.

Strategic thinking and approach will help us understand the potential customer purchasing behavior, resulting in selecting the most suitable supplier. This guide will help you decide which the right choice is for your supplier.

What to look for a potential supplier without compromising on the quality of material and design.

Price:  There is no doubt price is important in selecting your supplier. Its importance will grow more with the growth of your business but you should not hinge on pricing only. Remember, suppliers are doing their business for money too. So try to create a fair play environment for better business experience.

Reliability: This is the most important factor to look for in a supplier. Large suppliers usually have backup systems to meet your demand even in crisis situations. It doesn’t mean neglecting small suppliers. If you’re a big buyer of a small supplier then that supplier will bend over backward for you.

Stability: Suppliers who are in business for a long time can be considered more stable. They’ve gone through the ups and downs of the economy. They also may offer you some insights to grow your business from time to time. Reviews from their existing or old customers will also play an important part in establishing their stability and credibility in your perspective. So don’t ignore previous reviews.

Location: Location is important because your shipment arrival time depends upon it. You cannot take any decision with confidence if you don’t know the duration it takes to reach your shipment. Distant suppliers may be a problem, so don’t forget to read freight policies. A supplier who has multiple warehouses of different locations should be on your priority list.

Competency: Obviously, you’ll need those suppliers who can be competent enough to meet your demands on time. Plus, they should be able to provide the most advanced products and services to meet the new generation of customer needs. They should have a realistic customer approach and can offer a variety of attractive financial terms on purchases.
Here are some online polyester blank t-shirt suppliers which can meet your polyester t-shirt demands.

Jones t-shirts:

They have been in the wholesale t-shirt business for over 20 years and they’re still finding new ways to make the buying experience easier. They offer a wide range of variety in t-shirts, polo, ladies’ apparel, and youth apparel. You can find leading brands from Hans to the Fruit of Looms on their website. They take web security very seriously and provide SSL experience to their visitors.

The Deal Rack:

The Deal Rack is an exciting option because it provided up to 90% off retail sometime. You can get free shipping over 50$ worth of the order. They offer discounts on sportswear including blank t-shirts, tank tops, golf shirts, fleece vests, and accessories for women and kids as well. You can find multiple brands from Adidas to Next Level on this website.


They’re based in California and specialize in blank t-shirts and active wear. Their 500,000 square warehouse is the hub of premium t-shirts styles. Their service includes, pick and pack, to maximize the speed to market even on drop shipping as well. They stock large quantities of apparel meaning they provide local supply. This way, they have the advantage of supplying your needs within 3-4 weeks. While they claim their competitors can take 10-12 weeks of turnaround time.


Opentip provides competitive pricing with excellent quality. They can offer over 10,000 products. This range of options makes them the most obvious selection. With the product base growing every day, they still stand firm on their commitments. You can order wholesale blank t-shirts for groups as well like churches, schools, and special gatherings, etc. Over 6000 factories stand by to provide you the best custom polyester t-shirt you can imagine.


How to Choose a T-shirt Material?

A t-shirt material should be as comfortable as it feels. You should find the right combination of comfort, fit, and wash ability. These simple factors you should consider before deciding on material.

Single Ply vs. Double Ply:

Ply can be defined as the number of yarns that are twisted together to make a single thread. Fabric usually can be of two types, single ply or double ply. Double-ply is usually considered superior because of its smoothness, crisp, and hand feels. Single-ply has its own benefits like high count single-ply with compact manufacturing is considered equal. Double-ply can be expensive.

Fabric Count:

Fabric count refers to the yarn size. The higher the thread count, the more luxurious and expensive your fabric will be. The compactness and density of the fabric also tell you about the quality of the fabric quality. Higher count fabric tends to wrinkle more easily because of its finer quality.

Fabric Composition:

Most commonly used materials are cotton and linen. Polyester is also used in the manufacturing of t-shirts. Linen is best used for warm weather. Polyester fabric has a great amount of advantage over natural fabric because of its resistance against weather. It is best for t-shirts because of their ability to hold the capacity of water. This ability helps to absorb perspiration during sporting activities or hot summer.

How to Choose Design for a T-shirt?

These simple yet important steps are involved in selecting the striking t-shirt design.

Pick The Right Size:

What is your main purpose for selling t-shirts? And what kind of t-shirts do you want to sell? I.e. polo t-shirt, sleeved t-shirt, or small-sized t-shirts, etc. These questions are important because they will help you understand your audience and your next project as well. Bid design gets along with small t-shirts very well but small designs disappear on big t-shirts.

Select A Color Scheme:

Color is the main element that defines the emotion you want to communicate. The selection of the right color for your cloth can make or break the whole outfit. So it is important to select the right shade relative to your audience’s personality. Plus, make sure how color will look on your t-shirt after printing because colors can be really tricky.

Placement of Design:

Where will your design work on a t-shirt? On the right, left or center at the abdominal? The placement of design will also differ with the use of t-shirts, for example, for t-shirts design for your branding will work best if the design is placed in the center.

Opentip can take care of all your worries. As mentioned earlier, Opentip provides the best customizable t-shirt solutions at cheap prices. Just visit their website: You will get awesome prices on buying wholesale polyester t-shirts according to your needs.