Select Workwear for Public Service Workers

Appropriate work clothes for workers have always been a necessity for most public services. Undoubtedly, a vest that is easy to slip on and off is the best choice for work clothes. A work vest can be worn with many pieces of clothing, so it can be worn with most seasons. Therefore, more and more workers prefer to wear a work vest.

Depending on where the workers work, they have very different requirements for work their vests. From civil service to security, from construction worksite to roadway, everyone should select right workwear according to actual jobsite.

Volunteer Vests

For common social service workers and volunteers, a simple but durable vest is a kind of excepted workwear. The simple design of the vests makes them even more eye-catching, and the bright and conspicuous colors make the volunteers easier to spot in the crowd. They always need to be easily found by people who need help.

A quality work vest can be suitable for many occasions. It is perfect to be the essential equipment of volunteer, can also be worn as casual vest, ideal for outdoor activities. Versatile to be used all the year around, it would be a great accessory to be fashionable and functional at the same time.

GOGO Custom Unisex US Big Mesh Volunteer Vest Personalized Safety Vest with Reflective Strips and Pockets

GOGO Custom Mesh Volunteer Vest

    • Made of polyester
    • Zipper & 2 pockets
    • Reflective strips
    • Imprinted with logo

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Construction Worker Vests

For public work contractors, whether they can effectively ensure the safety of workers on site is often an important standard to test whether the contractor is qualified. So contractors need to prepare enough safety gear for workers. One of the most important items is the safety vest. Because they are easy to take off, safety vests can be used for most construction jobs.

Most accidents happen on the site because the construction workers on the site are not seen in time, and as long as the construction workers on the work can be seen from a long distance, we can effectively avoid most construction accidents. Therefore, construction worker vests are usually bright yellow or orange with reflective trim. This allows the vest-wearing worker to maintain high visibility day and night.

GOGO High Visibility Zipper Front Safety Vest with 4 Pockets, with Cardholder

GOGO High Visibility Zipper Front Safety Vest

    • Made of polyester
    • Zipper & 4 pockets
    • Reflective strips
    • Imprinted with logo

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Roadside Worker Vests

Whether you are a road construction worker or a traffic controller, if you work on the side of the road, you will face a great risk of traffic accidents. Therefore, a high visibility work shirt is a necessity for roadside workers. It can make you more easily seen by drivers driving at a distance, thus effectively avoiding traffic accidents.
Work vests required by road workers shall meet ANSI standards. Workers working on ordinary roads at speeds below 50mph will need to wear ANSI Class 2 safety vests to avoid being overlooked by motorists and causing accidents. On highways with higher traffic speeds, higher visibility of ANSI Class 3 safety gear is required to ensure worker safety.
The product features such safety vests are usually bright yellow or green in order to make the wearer more visible. Safety vests also come with reflective straps. Reflective ribbons reflect light at night, making it easier for motorists to notice workers working on the side of the road. Qualified safety vest has always been an important tool to protect the safety of workers.



GOGO 9 Pockets High Visibility Zipper Front Safety Vest With Reflective Strips, Meets ANSI Standards

GOGO ANSI Class 2 Safety Vest – Yellow Hi Vis Vest

    • ANSI/ISEA 107 Class 2 Vest
    • Made of polyester
    • Zipper & 9 pockets
    • Reflective strips
    • Imprinted with logo

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