Bicycle Safety Vests to Protect Cyclists from Traffic Accidents

Cyclists need great concentration and vigilance when riding on busy roads. They need to be aware of the potential risks. This is especially true when visibility is low in weather conditions such as fog or rain and at night. Cyclists have been at an increasing risk of accidents on the road for a long time.

There are many reasons for traffic accidents, but the main one is that cyclists are easily ignored in poor visibility. Studies have shown that 24% of cyclists’ deaths in 2015 occurred between 6pm and 9pm, and 17% between 9pm and midnight. To protect themselves, every cyclist must be equipped with an appropriate safety reflective vest while riding to improve their visibility.

Opentip Cyclist Safety Vests

GOGO Blank Safety Running Cycling Vest

GOGO Hi-Vis Volunteer Safety Vest
Made of 100% polyester lightweight and breathable fluorescent reflective fabric, this vest is perfect for most of outdoor activities. Its reflective strip will make you stand out from dark. So you will be picked up easily by a car’s headlights whether you run or cycling at any poor light.

GOGO Hi-Vis Adjustable Safety Vest for Running, Jogging, Cycling

GOGO Hi-Vis Adjustable Safety Vest for Running, Jogging, Cycling
GOGO High Visibility Safety Vest improves visibility to prevent injury to those who wear it. The vest is widely used for cyclists, in order to prevent them from traffic accidents. This also reduces the risk of serious accidents at the job for construction workers, traffic police and others working in ports, airports, yards, emergency services and utility jobs.

GOGO Custom Unisex 2 Pockets Safety Vest

GOGO Custom Unisex 2 Pockets Safety Vest
This mesh safety vest is your best safety gear for summer. Lightweight and breathable fabric brings a comfort feel. Reflective stripes increase your visibility on the road. It can also be printed with any custom logo or text.

Custom GOGO Kid’s Reflective Vest

Custom GOGO Kid's Reflective Vest
Are you looking for some reflective safety vests for kids? Different from adult safety vest, the size of this vest is specially designed for kids. It is easier to be worn, which is the most important feature for kid’s clothing. The vest is suitable for most of outdoor activities. Its bright color and reflective stripes will protect the kids from traffic accidents.