How to Choose Suitable Safety Vest for your Job

Safety vests have become popular in recent years. Many designers have introduced safety vests into their clothing. However, no one is more stylish than wearing a safety vest at work. Safety work vests are necessary for jobs that involve risk factors. These vests help workers stand out from the crowd, so safety vests are effective in protecting them physically.

Now, when we think of safety vests, the first thing that comes to mind is their high visibility. However, this is only a basic problem. There are many types of safety vests. They vary in type, material, pocket and purpose. They are even distinguished by color and high visibility range. Many products come with additional and custom features that make them suitable for a particular job. Different types are suitable for different jobs. It is important to have a critical understanding of the range of safety vests.

In this article, we will focus on these safety vests based on their fabric, color, and other features. This will help you make an appropriate decision.

High Visibility Color

Opentip GOGO 9 Pockets Safety Vest - Orange
Safety vests are a major and critical factor in this. Because of the material, the safety work vest stands out in terms of visibility. These safety vests are made of reflective material. But for high visibility, you also need bright, eye-catching colors. This is the most intuitive manifestation of the high visibility of the safety vest. Common vest colors include lemon yellow, orange and black. They are applicable to different workplaces. Construction workers often wear orange safety vests. Industrial workers prefer yellow vests. As for the black vests, they are usually worn by security guards or traffic police. The choice of the color of the safe work vest often depends on the worker’s working environment. These safety vests are highly visible as long as they contrast with the color of the working environment.

Suitable Fabric

Opentip Mesh Safety Vest - Fabric
That includes a lot of things. First is the fabric. Safety vests are ideal all year round. But if you want to use it in the hot summer, a mesh fabric vest is the best choice. Polymer fabric vests, on the other hand, are great for winter. Both fabrics offer protection in harsh weather conditions. They are also two of the most popular vest materials. When workers put on safety vests made of this comfortable material, they will also unconsciously improve their work efficiency. When it comes to designing safety vests that are exclusive to your company, you can choose a safety vest vendor that offers custom screen printing. This will be a great way to promote your business. There are also credible options in the market.

Opentip Safety Work Vests

If you are looking for credible vendors of safety work vests, Opentip is the first name that pops in our mind. It offers quality and durable safety vests with affordability. They offer safety vests with multiple features such as spacious pockets, colors, design and fabrics. Opentip can also customize the safety vests for you. Just let them know what you got in your mind, and they will fashion it the way you want. You can get your name on it. Companies often get these vests with their logos on vests. This adds a great touch to their marketing. In addition, it also gives the workers a sense of ownership. Opentip safety vests are approved by ANSI and meet all the standards set by the regulators. Get in touch with Opentip here!