What Can Safety Vest Pockets Hold?

When looking for a safety vest, you may often see different types of vest with different numbers of pockets — 2, 4, 5 or 9.These pockets come in different sizes and are suitable for carrying items of different sizes.

How many pockets should a safety vest have? This is to adapt to the needs of workers in different industries at work. Some workers may need only the simplest pocket to carry their belongings, such as a cell phone. But there are also a significant number of workers who need to carry a variety of tools with them when they do their jobs. In this case, a multi-pocket work vest will make their job much smoother.

GOGO Multi Pocket Safety Vest

Opentip GOGO Multi Pockets High Visibility Zipper Front Safety Vest

What does a multi-pocket safety vest help workers carry with them? This usually depends on the industry and position of the worker. We’ve come up with a short list to consider when shopping for a safety vest.

Opentip Pocket Safety Vest - Pocket Detail

Personal Effects

Everyone will probably need to carry some personal effects with them, which is why most safety vests come with pockets. A simple pocket could be a thoughtful design that allows workers to carry their mobile phones, keys, and other items in their pockets.

Opentip GOGO 5 Pocket Hi-Vis Safety Vest

Measurement Tools

For construction workers, they may often need to use a variety of measuring tools in their work, such as measuring tapes, robes and compasses. As a result, their work safety vests often have multi-purpose pockets. Surveyors who often use more sophisticated tools tend to be more demanding with their pockets. Surveyor vests may require at least five pockets of different sizes to meet their job requirements.
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Record Tools

The recording tool includes many items. They are used in a wide range of industries, whether it is paper and pens or electronic devices such as pads. Workers working on construction sites or along roads need to carry them. Staffs working at events or supermarkets also need them. If they have a suit-sized pocket for their work vest, they have ready access to a variety of recording tools, increasing their productivity.
Opentip Pocket Safety Vest - Pocket Detail

Office Supplies

You probably use common office supplies, such as pens, notebooks, and stickers. These are the necessary things for a clerk to do his work. For people who work outdoors, these items should be tucked into the pockets of work clothes for easy access. Therefore, even the simplest work safety vest adds two pockets on the left and right sides of the waist.

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ID Card

Professional work vests must have a transparent card holder. This is a symbol of its professionalism as a work garment. The position of the card holder is generally in the left chest position of the vest. Workers can add ID cards or their own personalized business cards to the folder. This will be an important way for you to identify each worker.

Opentip GOGO 5 Pocket Safety Vests - ID Card Holder

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