How to Design a Screen-Printed Safety Vest?

Printing is the most powerful way of branding and presenting yourself to the world. It is the way that the world will perceive you. It is a core thing to look into deeply whether you are a business or an entrepreneur; you need to take printing off your company equipment will a deep understanding.

Screen printing is one of the most popular techniques of printing. It is widely acclaimed among the branding and design community. Businesses around the world are going for screen printing due to its durability, quality and outstanding visual appeal. It is also cost-effective and provides more vivid details.

Connecting with the right entities and having a sound understanding of screen printing can provide you with the best results. The most common segment of the industry using screen printing effectually is safety vest manufacture. These makers have their teams with the right expertise to carry out the whole process. They have mastered the art to make to manufacture custom screen-printed safety vests for work of all kind.

A safety vest is a key requirement to achieve safety standards. Custom designed safety work vests can have a multitude of benefits on your business and branding. They give you a personalized experience with more customer loyalty, generate more sales and help you reach the right audience. Moreover, they are the best way to market your business. All these can be achieved in the most optimal way through screen printing.

Screen printing is an interesting and thorough process. Let us know how it has done. There are multiple methods of doing it, but the technique is the same. In screen printing, a stenciled design is transferred on to a flat surface using a mesh or a net.  We would be talking systematically about the whole process of printing on safety work vests. Let us get started.

A Design Is Created First

This design is printed on a transparent acetate film for screen printing. It will be used to create a stencil. In the case of safety vest jackets, multiple stencils are created for thorough printing and to meet safety standards.

The Next Step Is Screen Preparation

This step sets the strings for the custom design. In this step, a printer will choose a mesh screen in accordance with the design. This is a prerequisite for custom designs. It will also take into account the complexity of the design and the nature or texture of the fabric. The mesh sheet further goes through a process of fine coating of delicate reactive emulsion. The complete printing process depends on this coating. Experts supervise this stage of the process critically. This coating will harden when it is exposed to bright light.

In the case of the safety work vests, the emulsion layer is luminescent in nature. This enhances visibility during work and is a prerequisite for making a safety work vest.

The Coating of Emulsion Is Exposed to Bright Light

The acetate film is placed into an emulsion-coated screen, and bright light is thrown over the film. Because of light exposure, the emulsion hardens. However, the areas, which are covered under the design, retain their liquid state.

Now, if we want to achieve a design with multiple colors, multiple screens are required to attain the colors. The printer has to provide multiple designs for screens in accordance with the color code. Each screen will be used to apply a different layer of ink.

Stencils Are Created

After the screen has been exposed to light for a calculated period, we will get the screen with a hardened emulsion layer. The liquid retained areas will be rinsed, leaving behind the hardened pattern. As a result, the screen will have a clear design for the ink to pass through it. The screen will go through a quality check, and if something is lacking, the printer will take care of it. It will be dried.

Everything will be done to achieve a clear and accurate design. We have the stencil ready now. It is the essential core thing for screen printing on safety work vest fabrics. It is ready now to be printed.

The Printing Process Starts Here

The stencil will reach the printing press. When it comes to the fabrics for the safety work vests, mostly nylon and polyester fabric is used. They are durable, protective, airy and light in nature, making them perfect for safety work vests. The fabric is set flat on the printing platform beneath the screen.

The platform is equipped with an automatic rotary carousel printer. This printer enhances efficiency and is less time-consuming. It allows multiple screens to work at once. This accelerates the workflow and keeps the quality consistent. This printer is capable of printing multiple color codes on the safety vest fabric.

The Ink Comes into Play

This step infuses life into the printing process. At this stage, the screen encounters ink. The ink is released through the mechanism at the top. After the ink is infused, the stenciled screen is tightly pressed. Due to this pressure, the ink passes through the stencil and reaches the fabric. As a result of the pressure, the pattern is printed on the fabric. The design retains the pattern after the step. This step is repeated in the case of multiple colors.

In the case of the safety work vests, the ink used is specialized. It is luminescent in nature. The most commonly used inks are neon shades of lime, orange, green and silver. These colors enhance the visibility at night for the workers.

The stencil used in this process is not wasted. It is treated with a special washing fluid for cleansing. The mesh in the stencil can be used later as well. This makes the process cost-effective.

Time for Quality Check

After we get the printed fabric from the press, the fabric is dried carefully without disturbing the pattern. It results in a smooth printed texture. The fabric passes through a quality check phase, which involves multiple techniques. If the fabric is approved, it cleaned with steaming and is sent to the tailor.

Through this systematic screen printing process, businesses can achieve the best of safety standards and branding goals. You can get your logo or emblem printed or any other custom design for your safety vests. All you need to do is to connect with the right entities, such as Opentip. They provide you with the best quality, zippered safety vests with multiple pockets. Have your custom design on your safety work vest define you!